Our Mission

Project Angel Food prepares and delivers healthy meals to feed people impacted by serious illness, bringing comfort and hope every day.


Local Hero Runningbear Ramirez: young, gifted and Native American

Humility is not a trait routinely associated with being a rich 30-year-old gay guy. But Runningbear Ramirez defies stereotypes, exuding a kind of humility born of ancient spiritual strength and sense of... Read More

Executive Director Richard Ayoub Discusses HIV/AIDS & Project Angel Food

By Jennifer Rufer El Segundo PUBLISHED 3:22 PM ET Jan. 03, 2020 “Like many in my generation, I came of age associating sex with illness and death.” Those are the words of... Read More

Project Angel Food Helps Keep Clients in Their Homes

Donate Today Did you know Project Angel Food makes a substantial impact on the homelessness crisis by helping to alleviate our clients’ financial stress and improve their medical well-being? By... Read More

Project Angel Food announces Native American Diabetes Pilot Program

Project Angel Food is proud to announce the launch of the Native American Diabetes Pilot Program to provide medically tailored meals and nutrition counseling intervention for Native American residents with... Read More