For more than 30 years, the Project Angel Food team has been on a mission to lead with love as we serve nutritious meals to those with life-threatening illnesses throughout the 4,084 square miles of Los Angeles County.

The Medically Tailored Meal delivery program, including staff and a large group of volunteers, is honored to feed 2,300+ people per day, delivering one week’s worth of breakfast and meals to every client, right to their front doors. Currently, Project Angel Food delivers more than one million meals each year.

Meals created from the specialized chefs in the Project Angel Food kitchen include thoughtfully curated dishes such as chicken breast with jalapeno on a bed of yellow rice, turkey patties with pearl onions and green beans, or chicken curry with brown rice and veggies. Vegetarian options are also available, as well as modifications made for those with diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, and other health issues. There are currently 39 variations of each menu being created and customized to fit the various needs of clients.

The passionate group of chefs and team of registered dietitians work together to create healthful meals specific for each client. Meals are set in a 12-week cycle menu and are designed with variety in mind. One-on-one nutritional counseling is also offered.

Special meals are prepared for Thanksgiving, Passover, and Christmas. On Valentine’s Day, the Project Angel Food team and volunteers share the love with clients, including small treats and messages of support with their deliveries. Children of clients get breakfast, artoys and special gifts over the holidays.

Birthdays are big at Project Angel Food. On their special day, each client receives a birthday bag with necessities and specialized items handpicked just for them. It’s all part of our mission to not only deliver healthy meals to those in need, but to bring comfort, hope and love as well.

Learn about how to volunteer with Project Angel Food’s meal delivery team, or more about how to donate meals to those in need. If you are interested in becoming a client, learn more about how to enroll.



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