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our mission

Project Angel Food’s mission is to improve health outcomes and end food insecurity for critically ill men, women and children is Los Angeles by preparing and delivering Medically Tailored Meals with compassion and hope.


Clients receive one to two Medically Tailored entrees  for each day of the week, depending on their needs, fruit and, in most cases, breakfasts. Meals are delivered by Project Angel Food drivers or volunteers throughout all 4,700 square miles of Los Angeles County.


Under the care of Project Angel Food’s registered dieticians, and in consultation with each client’s primary healthcare case manager, clients receive one-on-one nutritional counseling and customized Medically Tailored Meals  designed to meet the unique needs of their diagnosis and personal dietary restrictions and preferences.


Volunteers are the heart of Project Angel Food. Each year thousands of Angelenos as individuals or in corporate "give back" initiatives dedicate more than 40,000 hours helping prep food in the kitchen, pack meals, deliver meals,  or help with administration.


Founded in 1989 in the wake of the AIDS crisis, Project Angel Food has been a beacon of hope for the Los Angeles community. We have served more than 28,000 men, women and children and more than 16 million meals since our founding. Project Angel Food was named an essential service in 2020 as a result of Project Angel Food's frontline response  to COVID. Project Angel Food works with over 200 community partners so those living at the intersection of health, food and financial insecurity need not suffer because Project Angel Food is there.


  • 17 million meals served since 1989
  • 42,000 volunteer hours invested per year
  • 63 routes delivered per week
  • 140,000 meals delivered per month
  • 2,500 clients served per day
  • 13 Medically Tailored menus


Ethinc Background

  • 39% Latinx
  • 24% African American
  • 23% White/Caucasian
  • 7% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 6% Other
  • 1% Native American


  • 65% Over 60
  • 21% 50-59
  • 10% 36-49
  • 3% 35 & under


  • 55% Male
  • 44% Female
  • 1% Transgender ID

Qualifying Illness

  • 18% Congestive Heart Failure
  • 16% ESRD (kidney failure)
  • 15% HIV/AIDS
  • 14% Sever Diabetes
  • 13% Cancer
  • 4% Alzheimer's
  • 3% Stroke
  • 2% Chronic Kidney Disease 9% Other