Project  Angel Food drivers go the distance. We paid tribute to their hard work and compassion during Project Angel Food’s Lead with Love 2021 telethon, which aired on KTLA 5, Saturday, July 17, 2021. Actors Peter PorteConrad Ricamora, and Wendi A. McLendon-Covey participated in the story.

Meals are prepared fresh in Project Angel Food’s kitchen, flash-frozen for freshness, carefully packed in dispatch. The dispatch team members check and double-check as they customize each set of meals for every single client’s specific medical needs.

Volunteers deliver some meals, but most of them are delivered by Project Angel drivers in a fleet of refrigerated vans. Each morning, the vans are loaded and like angels taking flight, Project Angel Food drivers hit the road - delivering not only food, a warm hello, a smile and hope.

That human connection is a vital part of Project Angel Food’s mission. Sometimes the person making a Project Angel Food delivery is the only interaction with another human being that client might have during the week. That’s not lost on drivers like Victor Pizana. He recognizes that he’s not just doing a job; he has a purpose - to lift the health and the spirit of the people Project Angel Food serves. Project Angel Food is currently hiring drivers who have clean driving records and generous spirits. 

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