Project Angel Food began offering Customized Volunteer Experiences in 2015 and since then we have partnered with over 50 corporations and organizations to create meaningful, dynamic events that build camaraderie and bring medically tailored meals to the homes of those most in need in Los Angeles County.

Our first ever Customized Volunteer Experience was designed for Disney VoluntEARS and they’ve returned 19 times since to help out in the kitchen and at special events. For a complete list of our Customized Volunteer Experience partners, please see the Volunteer Groups page in our annual reports.

When a corporation or organization chooses to support Project Angel Food by sponsoring a Customized Volunteer Experience, benefits may include but are not limited to:

  • Catered lunch for volunteers
  • Custom meal labels featuring your corporation/organization logo and message
  • Social media and website acknowledgement
  • Feed Bead bracelet for each participant (a wearable reminder of your team’s generous spirit)
  • The gratitude and compassion that comes from giving back to those less fortunate

To begin designing your Customized Volunteer Experience, please:

Contact Holly Fishbein at or call (323) 845-1800 Ext. 231.



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