Takashi Cheng
Entrepreneur, A-United Group

20 years ago, Takashi Cheng founded A-United Attorney Service, providing legal support for court filings to process service. Its clients include banks, collection agencies, financial institutions and law firms of all sizes. A-United’s sound reputation of being “reliable and responsive with reasonable rates” has been built from genuine hardworking and team-playing environments.

After A-United successfully became the first mobile attorney service in California, Takashi found inspiration in purchasing court judgments. A-United Financial was formed and it now holds title to millions of dollars in judgments throughout California and establishes partnerships to fund complex, expensive and unusual litigation.  It also acquires and repurposes distressed assets. Constantly envisioning simple legal solutions, in 2016, he launched a small claims portal (SUEYA.COM) to help eliminate traffic at the courthouses and educate consumers on the available options of effective self-representation in the existing market.

His quest for research in the healthcare industry for a handful of upcoming projects landed him in forming AchievaMed, a next generation MSO.  AchievaMed is focused on developing and improving platforms to streamline a multitude of services including traditional claims processing and integration of revenue cycle management components along with debt acquisition and recovery. With Takashi’s 25+ years in the legal industry, AchievaMed’s goal to unify and harmonize the administrative aspects of healthcare with debt recovery is just a few steps away.

Takashi’s entrepreneurial spirit does not stop just there as his entrance to the entertainment industry arose from consulting for award winning and popular television dramas. He has also served as Executive Producer on films such as Whaling, Dougherty Gang, Cathedrals, Night Run and Rules of Exchange.  His creativity continues on through a recently formed entertainment company, Corify Media, dedicated to the creation of unique content. Corify is currently developing, financing and producing content for film, television and digital initiatives.