Takashi Cheng
Entrepreneur, A-United Group

From financial and operational analysis to turnaround plans and tactical solutions, Takashi has effectively supported the management of a $3Billion and growing portfolio of ultra-high net-worth individuals.

Leveraging his vast exposure to the legal community, Takashi entered the entertainment industry as a consultant for award-winning legal dramas like Boston Legal. He continues his creative work today as a film producer and recently completed production on several full-feature projects.


In 2017, the collapse of the nation’s largest health care enterprise responsible for managing 1.2 million Californians shook up the industry. The abrupt shut down of the company left a dozen health plans and the Department of Managed Health Care panicking. To help avoid a tumultuous transition to new management, Takashi formed Achievamed as the intermediary. In the span of 12 (twelve) months, Achievamed successfully completed the run out of claims for these 1.2 million members. Not a single person was ever in any imminent danger of not receiving medically necessary healthcare services. Not a single person experienced delayed or unfulfilled services.

ChimeTV – First Asian American Network in English Language on Cable

Chief Creative Officer charged to develop and showcase the best of Asian entertainment in the English language sharing stories, issues, heritage and cultures that are uniquely of Asian experience and perspective that have never before been seen on screen in English only.

GoldenTV – Global Streaming Platform and Content Management

Developing an all-in-one marketplace solution for intellectual property and story rights by providing comprehensive tools designed to connect them to members of the entertainment industry to get those stories transacted. Advanced technology enabling matchmaking the story to the ideal director, producer and writer. Investing extensively in building an impactful slate and ecosystem, state of the art cameras, production and post-production equipment along with the commitment to deploy 100m, several Asian American centric projects have already completed with dozens in development and pre-production.

Whereabouts Unknown – Production Company

Proudly partnering with veteran and one of Hollywood’s top casting agents, John Papsidera along with film producers Sean McEwen and Cassidy Lunnen, Whereabouts is already in production for several films and tv shows with a focus on real life stories.

Society One – Private Club

The club itself has acquired key luxury real estate in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Malibu with a goal to enhance the presence, influence and participation of its members in the most elite circles of society. It will strategize creative partnerships to create opportunities along with a long-term development target to raise the profile and integrity of emerging artists and entrepreneurs.