Scott Stephens
Client Services Manager

Scott joined the Client Services team in December 2021.  As Client Services Manager, Scott’s team serves as the “ears of the organization,” working to ensure that clients receive the highest possible level of service.  To accomplish this, he collaborates frequently with other leaders across Project Angel Food as well as external community partners.

Originally from Chicago, Scott earned his degree in Business Management from Bradley University.  Since relocating to Los Angeles just a few years ago, Scott has worked and volunteered in various operational capacities for nonprofits across the city.  One of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities was when he and his wife delivered Thanksgiving meals for Project Angel Food.  So needless to say, he was incredibly excited for the chance to contribute to the mission in a full-time role!

Scott brings with him a focus on operational efficiencies and a passion for fighting food insecurity.  In the spring/summer of 2020, he frequently led teams of LA Food Bank volunteers handing out free, COVID-relief food packages throughout the community. And prior to moving to California, Scott worked for a large food rescue organization, playing a key role in distributing over 60 million pounds of food annually to New Yorkers in need.

In a past life, Scott also pretended to be a game show host, emceeing live pub trivia games for bars, restaurants, and fundraising events across the Chicago area.  Although his hosting days are behind him, he can still often be found in front of the TV when Jeopardy! or other quiz shows are on.