Project Angel Food is lucky to have not one but two amazing Nancys.

Nancy Tankel has been volunteering with Project Angel Food for about five years and Nancy Owens for two. It was Nancy T. who introduced Nancy O. to Project Angel Food and now the two volunteer regularly.

“I volunteer at Project Angel Food because it’s the one organization that I really feel that I can serve people who cannot help themselves and I feel like I'm really accomplishing something when I go to Project Angel Food,” Nancy O. said. “I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride that I can help people.”

After her husband passed, Nancy O. said Nancy T. invited her to volunteer. Nancy O. said it “was my first real volunteer adventure” and she’s loved it ever since coming every two weeks to Project Angel Food.

“As a former nurse, it’s something that I think was kind of in me, but I never knew where I wanted to volunteer at, so when I came on to Project Angel Food it just seemed a natural fit for me,” Nancy O. said.

Nancy T. retired as a nurse executive and then went to culinary school where she discovered Project Angel Food during a class assignment.

“We went to Project Angel Food one day to see what it was like to make food for that many people on that level and I was so impressed with the organization — the efficiency, the purpose of what they were trying to accomplish that I just continued,” Nancy T. said.

Nancy T. plans on continuing to volunteer with Project Angel Food as long as she can.

“I always say I healed with my hands as a nurse and now I heal with my hands through cooking,” Nancy T. said. “It’s a great organization to be involved with.”

If you would like to volunteer at Project Angel Food, please sign up at



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