Stars show up for Project Angel Food Big Time!

On Thanksgiving Day, Loni Love, Melissa Rivers, Sasha Roiz, Lauren Tom, and Eileen Davidson joined Project Angel Food CEO, Richard Ayoub and 300 volunteers and staff to prepare and deliver 2,000 traditional turkey dinners to critically ill men, women, children, and their caregivers throughout Los Angeles County.

Tyler Henry, Rebecca Metz, Tyler Henry, Chef Stuart O’Keeffe, Amy Phillips, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Peter Porte, Jennifer York, Tim Bagley, Michael Corbett, Jeffrey Drew, filmmaker Zeberiah Newman (award-winning documentary Right to Try), Variety’s Marc Malkin, Mary-Margaret Humes, Mercedes Javid, Michael Hitchcock, Lawrence Zarian, Gregory Zarian, Eve Mauro, “Amazing Race” winners Laura Pierson (season 26), Will Jardell and James Wallington (season 32), beauty entrepreneur, television personality and producer Diana Madison, and Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” star and social influencer Harry Jowsey joined in the kitchen prepping, packing and loading meals for delivery. On Wednesday, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband Justin Mikita delivered Thanksgiving meals.

Richard Ayoub, CEO, Project Angel Food said, “We could not exist if it were not for the community coming together to support our critically ill neighbors, which was demonstrated this Thanksgiving with volunteers, staff and celebrity friends that our clients can always count on. We are grateful for ongoing donations at”

For Melissa Rivers, who volunteered with her son Cooper Endicott, (20), and his girlfriend Anna Cimorelli, this was a tradition that she began with her mother Joan Rivers who delivered meals to people living with AIDS every Thanksgiving. “It really is part of what our family does on Thanksgiving, giving back. It’s our tradition.” Loni Love has won over $55,000 on celebrity game shows for Project Angel Food and added, “I do whatever I can for this wonderful organization.”

We had an Amazing Race takeover as Laura Pierson, was this year’s social media ambassador and documented fun celebrity moments along with James Wallington. James is getting married next week to fellow volunteer Will Jardell. Laura said, “It’s been a hard last two years, so it’s really important for me to give back in any way that I can. Project Angel Food is what I do every year, this is now my third-year volunteering.”

Volunteers provided contactless, “drive-by” pick-up of the meals which were then delivered to Project Angel Food clients. Traditional Thanksgiving dinners consisted of roasted turkey, root vegetables, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. Vegetarian meals were also provided.

The meal was sponsored by the Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation, with Glamazon (Amazon’s affinity group for the LGBT+ community) sponsoring the volunteer event. 94.7 The Wave was the media sponsor. Jill Black from the Stanley and Joyce Black Foundation shared, “I think it’s important to give back every day not just on Thanksgiving and they say service is the spirit you feel when you give to people and how you make them feel is very important.”

Project Angel Food strives to end food insecurity and improve health outcomes of critically ill men, women, and children in Los Angeles with Medically Tailored Meals, delivered with care and compassion. Over 2,400 clients are feed daily, this is a 54% increase from pre-pandemic numbers.  Project Angel Food has delivered over one million meals to date in 2021



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