Project Angel Food is seeking participants for its second cohort in the Native American Diabetes Project hosted by the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

The program is recruiting 25 participants to take part in the 12-week program, which gives Native Americans living with diabetes free, healthy meals to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Participants receive 14 Medically Tailored Meals each week from Project Angel Food — two meals a day, seven days a week — for the duration of 12 weeks. The project will launch at the end of February.

The Native American Diabetes Project also pairs participants with “buddies” on the program and takes them through a four-week diabetic culturally-curated instructional curriculum called the Diabetes Wellness Program. It includes weekly one-hour Zoom sessions and curriculum covering diet, exercise, and diabetes management and treatments. Participants also receive a weekly email from USC asking questions about the previous week’s meals.

The two-year study measures how Project Angel Food’s Medically Tailored Meals — combined with counseling and community — can improve health outcomes and the mental wellbeing of Native Americans with diabetes. The study is led by Dr. Claradina Soto and Dr. Andrea Garcia and will reach 312 participants.

To qualify for the study, participants must:

  • Be a Los Angeles County resident
  • Have diabetes
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have internet access (computer or cell phone)
  • Self-identify as American Indian/Alaska Native
  • Have freezer space available for meals (total space is about the size of two shoe boxes)

If you qualify, email, call (213) 764-4550, or contact Project Angel Food Client Services Department at (323) 845-1800.



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