In what could only be described as the most successful Client Advisory Board meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic, Project Angel Food welcomed nearly a dozen clients and caretakers for an exchange of feedback and ideas on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

Client Services Manager Scott Stephens led the CAB meeting and said not only was it the amount of clients that attended the meeting that made it outstanding, but the quality of conversation.

In addition, the atmosphere was joyful, focused and respectful, as the clients all bounced comments and ideas off of one another.

“Although we definitely had clients who spoke more than others, I still felt like guests were good about allowing everyone time to speak,” Stephens said. “Just about everyone chimed in at one point or another.”

Clients were served a three-course meal with a shirazi wedge salad, chicken or cauliflower milano with fettuccine and served with roasted zucchini spears, and cheesecake with berries for dessert. The meal was prepared by our own Chef Angel Cope.

Throughout the meal, many topics were brought up but the focus during Wednesday’s meeting was on preferred methods of contacting clients.

“Over the past few months, Client Services has been evaluating different services and vendors that would enable us to reach clients via texting or automated calls in certain circumstances,” Stephens said. “But what are those circumstances? And how often would be prudent for utilizing those methods? That’s where we wanted to make sure our idea of the answers to those questions aligned with the clients.”

Stephens said the clients gave him an enthusiastic response and are open to receiving texts or phone calls when their delivery is close to being made.

“I’m excited to utilize the feedback to get us up and running with the texting technology,” Stephens said. “The goal all along has been to find efficient, effective ways to reach clients utilizing methods we haven’t used before. … A critical step to every CAB event is not just gathering the feedback but also taking what the board tells us and putting it into action.”



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