Project Angel Food’s vital work is the subject of Gastropod's latest episode, Prescription Dinner: Can Meals be Medicine?

The brilliant podcast, hosted by Cynthia Garber and Nicola Twilley, has won multiple awards, is on everyone’s “Best of” list, and has more than 100,000 downloads each episode. To have its spotlight focus on Project Angel Food is definitely a “wow” moment.

When Cynthia and Nicola heard of our Medically Tailored Meals program improving the health outcomes for so many, they wanted to come and see for themselves what all the fuss was about. They visited our kitchen, talked to our registered dietitians, our chefs, our sister organizations, researchers, insurance providers who are using Medically Tailored Meals to reduce hospitalizations among their seriously ill clients, and even went along as we delivered meals to clients.

In this 45-minute, entertaining, informative, and heartfelt episode, you’ll hear CEO Richard Ayoub, Executive Chef John Gordon, Registered Dietitian Max Schroder, Communications Manager Noe Garcia, and our board member John Baackes in his role as CEO of L.A. Care Health Plan. Gastropod weaves a captivating narrative about Project Angel Food and the everyday work that goes into our food is medicine mission and feeding 2,500 clients daily.

John and Max detailed the careful dance between different meal plans, precise measuring, and the nutritional counseling for each client with such clarity. And Noe delivered meals to client Victor F. with Cynthia and Nicola, which made for one of the most powerful moments in the episode.

Victor needed a kidney transplant but was unable to receive one due to his poor health. He began receiving Medically Tailored Meals and improvement followed. He explained in the episode, “Physically it changed and my bloodwork changed to the point where I got a transplant. Not to be overexaggerating, but it literally saved my life.”

The episode allowed us to share the spotlight with the Food is Medicine Coalition, an association of nonprofits of which Project Angel Food is a founding member, that provide Medically Tailored Meals and nutrition services to communities throughout the country.

Prescription Dinner: Can Meals be Medicine? is a remarkable listen that dives deep into Project Angel Food, Medically Tailored Meals, and wide-reaching implications on our work on improving health for some of the most vulnerable among us.

“My whole goal is that one day, just like a doctor writes a prescription for medicine, the doctor will write a prescription for Medically Tailored Meals,” Richard said in the podcast.

Click here to listen to the entire podcast episode.



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