Katrina & Princess Michelle

Katrina, a widow, contracted COVID-19 when her special needs daughter was hospitalized. For weeks, mother and daughter, both with the virus, were quarantined as the ravages of COVID lingered. Katrina reached out to several organizations who declined her desperate pleas for assistance or did not even return her call. She felt ostracized as people seemed to turn their backs on her because she had COVID. Katrina then turned to Project Angel Food, where she received a vastly different response. “You had compassion and concern,” she remembers.

Unable to leave her apartment, and too sick to cook, Project Angel Food held Katrina and her daughter close so they could recover with dignity. “Maria from Project Angel Food called just to see how I was doing, ”Katrina smiles, reflecting on the kindness. “I love you guys.” Please donate now to help Project Angel Food relieve food insecurity distress so our clients can focus on managing their health.

Project Angel Food was the first and one of the only agencies accepting clients who were COVID positive. It was a flashback to us caring for those with AIDS in 1989 when others shut their doors to them.


While currently, only 1% of Project Angel Food clients haveCOVID-19, we expect that number to increase in years to come. Other ailments our clients live with include:  29% have HIV/AIDS, 19% Congestive Heart Failure, 15% caner, 12% ESRD – Kidney Failure,6% COPD – Emphysema, 5% Alzheimer’s, 5% CVA – Stroke, 4% Severe Diabetes, and 6% other.  

See Katrina’s story in our special Project Angel Food Response to COVID-19 Report.



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