Ben De Jesus, Dispatch Assistant/Driver

2020 was the year Project Angel Food rose to meet the challenge of COVID by reinventing ourselves and our organization to continue our critical mission of caring for our vulnerable, critically ill so no one would ever miss a meal.

We’re proud to share our Project Angel Food COVID Response Report. This annual report for fiscal year 2020 tells the story of the generosity of our amazing supporters and community partners, the resilience of our staff, the hope given to thousands touched by our work, and how we pivoted to meet this moment with the urgency it demanded. It also reveals that the light of compassion is always brighter than the darkness of fear.  

Some of the highlights you’ll find inside:

  • Project Angel Food was a first responder on the frontlines of L.A.’s COVID relief efforts and was named an essential service provider by the Mayor’s office in March of 2020.
  • We delivered 842,343 meals to 2,9113 critically ill Angelenos, up 28% year-to-year.
  • The number of clients we serve increased +43% in Antelope Valley, +24% in East LA, +15% in Metro LA, +96% in the San Fernando Valley, +42% in San Gabriel Valley, +23% in South Los Angeles, +15% in South Bay/Long Beach and +25% in West LA..
  • Our drivers traveled 153,000 miles throughout Los Angeles County as we increased our routes from 37 to 47 and added Sunday deliveries
  • We also added 17 chefs, kitchen assistants, dispatch workers and drivers to keep up with demand as we suspended our volunteer program for the first time in Project Angel Food history.
  • Of course, this cost money. Our annual budget rose in FY 2020 32% to $6,593,266.
  • 86 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to feeding our clients.
  • Your generosity of spirit was humbling. The $10,861,761 raised, a 79% jump from the previous year, allowed to keep our doors open, increase service, and to reduce food insecurity for L.A.’s critically ill during COVID and into the future – no matter what.

Our growth is a direct response to the tremendous needs of our community and our ability to adapt quickly and to meet those needs is a direct reflection of your commitment to others. We thank the angels among us for all you did to help us rise to meet the moment of COVID. View the entire 22 page report.



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