The holidays are here and that means it’s time for our annual Project Angel Food Holiday Gift Drive. We need your help to make sure that the 273 children of our critically ill clients, who are often living in poverty, receive gifts this year. If not for angels like you, they might not get a single gift this holiday.  That’s the reality for children like 9-year-old Catherine, who lives with her two siblings and her mother Ramona, a Project Angel Food client, in a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. 

Can we count on you? Will you donate one gift or several to our toy drive? You can make certain that 273 children of the critically ill parents we serve have a holiday filled with love, hope and heart. Your donated gifts let these 140 boys and 133 girlsages 0-17, know they matter. Let our compassion be the gift that they cherish for a lifetime.

What do you do next? Please act now and donate one or more unwrapped gifts for Project Angel Food’s Holiday Gift Drive. Here are a few of Vesna’s secret Santa success tips:

  • Gift cards of $25 or $50 are wonderful, especially for teens.
  • The children are culturally, racially, and religiously diverse. So, find toys, books and other gifts reflect that diversity. It’s meaningful to be seen.
  • Toys are super but so are socks, purses, scarves, art supplies, crafts, games, puzzles, musical instruments, balls, hats, sporting goods, electronics, and make-up sets for teenage girls.
  • Please no used toys, guns, sexually suggestive clothing, or food items.

How do you deliver your gifts? It’s easy.

  • You can drop in our Gift Drive Box in our reception area between 9:30 - 4:00 daily.
  • Project Angel Food 922 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90038
  • Or ship directly to us through Amazon or other shopping sites. For shipping Project Angel Food • 922 Vine Street • Hollywood, CA 90038 Attn: Holiday Gifts or Vesna Fartek • (323) 845-1800.
  • Please make sure gifts arrive on or before Friday, December 10.

Thank you for considering joining our Project Angel Food Holiday Gift Drive and may your carry the warmth of giving in your heart this holiday season and into the New Year ahead.

PS: If shopping through Amazon Smile, please consider choosing Project Angel Food as your charity to increase your giving impact.



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