Project Angel Food’s 2020-2021 Annual Report recently posted featuring information on who we serve, the number of Medically Tailored Meals we deliver, our routes, programs, volunteers, community partners, financials, history, staff, Board of Directors, and Board of Trustees.

Here are just a few of the highlights for the 2021 Fiscal Year, which captures July 2020 to June 2021:

  • Project Angel Food served 3,066 unique clients.
  • 1,768 of our clients were brand new intakes.
  • 76% of our clients are People of Color.
  • 62% of our clients live alone.
  • 97% have low or extremely low levels of income.
  • Project Angel Food delivered 1.14 million meals, serving our 13_millionth and 14-millionth meals in the same year.
  • 86 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to preparing, packing and delivering our meals.
  • Project Angel Food’s total expenses for the year were $7,767,326.
  • Project Angel Food drivers traveled 175,000 miles to all corners of LA County’s 4,751 square miles.
  • In addition to our Medically Tailored Meals, additional programs include the Congestive Heart Failure Pilot Program, Native American Diabetes Project, The Wilbur May Foundation Healthy Mornings Program, and Telephone Angels.
  • On May 3, 2021, Project Angel Food welcomed back kitchen volunteers for the first time in 13 months due to a pause for COVID-19 safety measures.
  • Project Angel Food works with more than 200 community partners such as Being Alive which refers clients to Project Angel Food’s life-saving Medically Tailored Meal Program.

The report is filled with stories from clients, volunteers, staff members, community partners and board members that inspire and remind readers of the life-and-death stakes of Project Angel Food’s vital work. It offers unique insights into Project Angel Food’s operations, our mission, the people we serve, and the people who make it all work, like Executive Chef John Gordon, who shared this perspective, “As gas and food prices continue to increase, so does the cost of preparing nutritious Medically Tailored Meals. But we can’t cut corners — the quality and commitment to our critically ill clients must continue to meet our highest standards of excellence.”

The report was designed by Brad Bessey, Project Angel Food’s Director of Communications, and Holly Blanks with gorgeous photography provided by Noe Garcia, Lakpathy Wijesekara, and Anne Fishbein. For the full report click here.



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