Project Angel Food is proud to once again partner with Alexandra Grant. Project Angel Food is the first beneficiary of an ongoing collaboration between the grantLOVE project and Oscar de la Renta. Since 2010 artist Alexandra Grant and the grantLOVE project have been regular contributors to the Angel Art auctions, raising more than $125,000 for Project Angel Food.

On March 12th, 2020 we were to launch our first initiative - an exhibition of artworks by Alexandra curated by Yasmine Zodeh - at the Oscar de la Renta store on Melrose Place, but had to postpone because of COVID-19.

We are thrilled that our partnership continues to grow. We are offering a very limited number of prints. Don't miss out on adding one of these beautiful editions to your collection.

To purchase in person, visit the GBK Brand Bar at La Peer Hotel, located at 627 N La Peer Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Alexandra Grant will be showcasing several works in the lobby of La Peer Hotel throughout February.

About the Prints:

LOVE, 2020

Foil print on acid-free cardstock

11" x 14"

Edition of 100 + 20 APs

By Alexandra Grant

Printed by Maggie Lomeli

Curated by Yasmine Zodeh

This limited edition of prints was made by artist Alexandra Grant as part of a special collaboration with the fashion house Oscar de la Renta. Invited by curator Yasmine Zodeh, Grant has created a series of four prints in colors inspired by Oscar de la Renta's spring/summer 2020 collection.

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