Things are heating for our AIDS Walk L.A. Project Angel Food Team, and we’ve enlisted super tasty celebrity chef and Project Angel Food BFF Chef Stuart O’Keeffe to tempt you with one more reason to give. You donate or raise $250, and you will be able to spend the night with Chef Stuart – in an exclusive Zoom cooking class!

Chef Stuart is a doll. 

We know him from our Angel Awards, volunteering in Project Angel Food’s kitchen, delivering meals to our critically ill clients on Thanksgiving Day, and offering his culinary wizardry to some of our big fundraising events. 

He has cooked for fine dining establishments in Europe, Napa Valley, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills has been wowing Hollywood A-listers and even Presidents and First Ladies. 

You might know him from his best-selling book The Quick Six Fix, the Food Network shows Chopped and The Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, Hallmark’s Home and FamilyThe Today ShowThe Talk, or from countless other media appearances. 

This exclusive Zoom cooking class is one hour and is on Saturday, October 16th at 6 p.m. Here is how you can join, to either learn a new recipe from Chef Stuart or just stare at him as he whips something up: 

  1. Simply donate $250 to AIDS Walk LA through Team Project Angel Food or Team Paramount/ViacomCBS as part of their Paramount Fights AIDS initiative. 
  2. OR join either team and raise $250 from family and friends.

Every penny raised for AIDS Walk LA from Project Angel Food goes directly into preparing and delivering meals to our critically ill clients with HIV/AIDS. 

Project Angel Food was founded in 1989 in response to the AIDS crisis and made it our mission to care for those who were battling the disease. Now, 32 years later, we’ve expanded our mission to deliver lifesaving Medically Tailored Meals to people with a wide range of critical illnesses from diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure to cancer and COVID, but HIV/AIDS remains the #1 condition of the people we serve. Twenty-eight percent of our clients live with HIV/AIDS.

Chef Stuart will provide an easy-to-follow recipe and shopping list to an intimate AIDS Walk LA cooking class attendees one week in advance so you can purchase the ingredients and make the delicious dish along with Chef Stuart live as he chats and fields your culinary questions on our “by invitation only” Zoom link.

To get into the fun, all you have to do is click here to donate and get ready to spend the night cooking with Chef Stuart O’Keeffe for a great cause – Project Angel Food and AIDS Walk LA.



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