Team Project Angel Food is stepping it up by joining AIDS Walk Los Angeles to raise money to make lives better for the people we serve living with HIV/AIDS. We are honored that 100% of all money raised by Project Angel Food stays with Project Angel Food and directly benefits our vital work to care for men, women and children impacted by HIV/AIDS.

We have an audacious AIDS Walk Los Angeles fundraising goal of $20,000.00 and we need your support to get there by either joining our team, or by donating to the AIDS Walk Los Angeles for Team Project Angel Food.  While AIDS Walk Los Angeles is a virtual event this year, culminating on Sunday, October 3rd. Team Project Angel Food will gather at Project Angel Food’s Hollywood kitchen on Vine Street and have an in-person walk Hollywood on Saturday morning, October 2nd.  

Since taking to the streets as the world’s first walk to fight HIV and AIDS in 1985, AIDS Walk Los Angeles’ hundreds of thousands of walkers and their supporters have raised nearly $90 million. These funds are a vital lifeline that sustains prevention, care, and advocacy programs for more individuals affected by HIV & AIDS in Los Angeles County.

Project Angel Food was founded in 1989 in response to the AIDS crisis. Today, we provide Medically Tailored Meals to Angelenos facing a wide range of illnesses from Congestive Heart Failure to kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, and COVID. However, HIV/AIDS remains the number one illness our Medically Tailored Meals help mitigate. Twenty-eight percent of our clients are living with the disease and many have been receiving our meals for decades.


Walking Wednesdays with Team Project Angel Food

Team Project Angel Food members include Vesna Fartek (captain), Brad Bessey, Robin Bram, Claudia Gold, Lauren Tom, and Daniel Waters.

Donors include Nancy & David Arntzen, Brad Bessey, Robin Bram, Jennifer Ditchik, Vesna Fartek, Claudia Gold, Susan Graham, Tom Jourden, Jrrr X. Omicron, Christine Petersen, Lauren Tom, Nancy Tom, Daniel Walters, The Wonderful Company, Drag Queen Bingo Event, Macy's Gift Match, Barbara McDowell, Susan Kasenow, Chan Tom, Liz Freret and several anonymous donors.

Watch this page for updates as we track our progress, breaking news on exclusive giving incentives for Team Project Angel Food AIDS Walk Los Angeles donors and team members and provide information on important dates and events along the way.

Let’s get walking!


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