Robert Boller
Sr. Director of Program Logistics and Government Partnerships

Robert Boller, Director of Programs of Project Angel Food earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Akron and his master’s at Ohio University.   Robert has been committed to and employed by non-profits his entire adult life, working with the developmentally disabled in Columbus, Ohio before relocating to Los Angeles in 1997.  Soon after arriving in LA, Robert was hired by Project Angel Food.  For many years, Robert managed the meal delivery system and Dispatch Department.  Since 2006, he has held his current position as Director of Programs, overseeing Dispatch, Client Services and Volunteer Services Departments. During Robert’s tenure, Project Angel Food launched many new programs and expanded its clientele.  Robert was involved in the development of the frozen meal program, the expansion of services throughout Los Angeles County, the inclusion of new disease populations, and the creation of the breakfast program for food insecure clients and their children. In addition, Robert leads the agency’s advocacy efforts and works with coalitions countywide, collaborating with others working in the areas of hunger, aging, poverty, affordable housing and disease.  Robert is an appointed member of the Los Angeles County Commission on Older Adults and chair of the Los Angeles County Emergency Food and Shelter Board.  Robert hopes to continue to expand Project Angel Food’s civic reach to better support the persons we serve.