LOS ANGELES — In an inaugural event at David Cooley’s expansive 4,000-square-foot Trousdale Estate, the Circle of Angels Garden Party unfolded as a vibrant celebration of hope and philanthropy. Hosted for the first time in Cooley’s elegant home, showcasing a collection of modern art masterpieces and photography, this event drew Circle of Angels donors and their guests into an engaging tapestry of storytelling, exquisite culinary delights, meaningful fundraising efforts, and warm social engagements, all crowned with an intimate performance by chart-topping artist Em Beihold.

The gathering marked a historic moment for Project Angel Food, raising funds for more than 43,000 meals — the highest ever at a Circle of Angels Garden Party, initiated by a substantial $50,000 donation from CAA Co-Chair Kevin Huvane.

The culinary offerings were masterfully prepared by Chef Wayne Elias of Crumble Catering, providing a range of sophisticated bites and desserts, complemented by refreshing beverages sponsored by Ketel One and Leslie Barclay.

The event’s success was significantly boosted by the commitment of the host committee, whose members included esteemed individuals across the Platinum, Gold and Silver levels. The Platinum Host Committee boasted John Cole and Monte Overstreet, Mary Fisher, David and Ashley Kramer, Mike Stoller and Corky Hale Stoller. The Gold Host Committee included supporters Lily and David Dulan, Michael Lombardo and Sonny Ward, Joe and Debby Mannis, Jim Petrone and Keith Kauhanen. The Silver Host Committee included Mark and Fred Anawalt, Lisa and Jason Arasheben, Fred Arens and Jason Duguay, Kevin Berg, Bil Bertini and Anthony Vayos, Robin Bram, Victor Cortes and Scott Harris, Chris Esguerra and Lee Hutchinson, Barbara Fairchild and Paul Nagle, Richard Franceschini, Robin Fujimoto and Jim Botko, Jami and Klaus Heidegger, Steve Kutz and Courtney Womack, Steve Longo and Jeremy Cohen, Suzie Mazur, John Murphy, Brian Pendleton, Dana Perlman and Hugh Kinsellagh, Bobby Ralston, Runningbear Ramirez and Frank Romano, Tim Robinson, Roger Sanchez, Audrey Schlaepfer and Judith Bennis, and Ron Shalowitz.

Republic Records’ Em Beihold, who has recently concluded a sold-out national tour, delivered a performance that resonated deeply with attendees, featuring songs like her #1 hit “Numb Little Bug,” and her latest single “Maybe Life is Good.” Her engagement went beyond performance as she announced her personal contribution to the Circle of Angels and encouraged the audience to volunteer with Project Angel Food, highlighting her ongoing commitment to the organization.

The event also featured heartfelt speeches, including one from California Assemblymember Rick Chavez Zbur and a moving account by Project Angel Food’s Dispatch Assistant Manager, Andre Jones, who spoke about his battle with End-Stage Renal Disease and the daily impact of Project Angel Food’s work.

The auction, led by the renowned Harry Santa-Olalla, was a highlight, with luxurious trips to Puerto Vallarta and Tuscany fetching significant sums. This was made possible by donations from The Verano Estate in memory of John Douponce, Bobby Ralston, who secured The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, and Chef Wayne Elias for Daiquiri Dick’s, along with Hill Town Tours who curated the Italian holiday.

Richard Ayoub, CEO of Project Angel Food, reflected on the organization’s milestones and the recent passage of serving more than 18 million meals. He unveiled plans for a $51.5 million expansion campaign to further Project Angel Food’s reach, expressing gratitude for the community’s support and the difference made in the lives of those they serve. He said, “This event was a gathering of friends, some who have been with us for decades, and some who were brand new, and they all showed up to give back and give hope to our most vulnerable neighbors. I am humbled by their generosity and grateful for everyone who made this afternoon possible. The love was palpable.”

If you would like information on joining Project Angel Food’s Circle of Angels, click here. You can also email Project Angel Food Philanthropy Officer Jared Ross at jross@angelfood.org or call (310) 880-6033. To see a video recap of the Circle of Angels Garden Party, click here.



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