Oscar De La Hoya & Holly Sonders to Volunteer at Project Angel Food

De La Hoya’s Birthday, Friday, Feb. 4

LOS ANGELES, CA — February 4, 2022. Ten-time world champion, Hall of Fame boxer, Olympic gold medalist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Oscar De La Hoya will volunteer in the Project Angel Food kitchen on his birthday on Friday, Feb. 4, to give back to Los Angeles. He will be volunteering with girlfriend Holly Sonders, influencer, golfer, and former Fox Sports broadcaster.

De La Hoya was hospitalized with COVID for three days in September and, grateful for his recovery, wants to celebrate his 49th birthday giving back to his beloved Los Angeles community by volunteering with an organization at the frontlines of L.A.’s COVID relief.

Project Angel Food prepares and delivers Medically Tailored Meals to 2,400 critically ill men, women, and children each day with high risk of COVID infection or living with COVID. Thirty-seven percent of Project Angel Food’s clients are Latino. While at Project Angel Food, the couple will be given a tour by Project Angel Food CEO Richard Ayoub, meet and greet frontline staff, prepare meals with Executive Chef John Gordon, place labels of well wishes to clients on meals, and receive a birthday cake.


Date: Friday, Feb. 4, 2022

Times: 8:00 Media Check In

8:30 Oscar De La Hoya and Holly Sonders Arrival

8:45 Interviews De La Hoya, Sonders, and Project Angel Food CEO Richard Ayoub

9:15 B-roll (meal labeling, birthday cake, staff meet and greet, and food prep).

Place: Project Angel Food, 922 Vine Street, L.A., CA, 90038 (enter on Barton).

RSVP: Space is limited so confirm early. (ngarcia@angelfood.org or solange@lobeline.com).

Notes: Parking is available but limited.

Hairnets (or caps) and masks are mandatory.

Vaccinations are required.

Closed-toed shoes are mandatory.


The Oscar De La Hoya Foundation was first established in 1995 and helps improve the quality of life for his hometown community of East Los Angeles. The foundation created and maintains a state-of-the-art cancer center, a charter high school, a labor and delivery center, and a neonatal intensive care unit. The foundation serves thousands of people annually.

Project Angel Food has been declared an essential service by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for delivering Medically Tailored Meals to critically ill men, women, and children in the 4,700 square miles of Los Angeles County. Project Angel Food was founded in 1989, and it is the organization’s mission is to end food insecurity and improve health outcomes through Medically Tailored Meals, delivered with care and compassion directly to their client’s homes. Project Angel Food has delivered over 1,144,346 in 2021.

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Noe Garcia, Project Angel Food


(805) 535-8745

Solange Sinclair, Lobeline


(323) 498-2772

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