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Project Angel Food Complaint/Feedback Policy

We Value You and Your Trust

Since our founding in 1989, Project Angel Food has held a position of trust in our community. Our clients trust us with their health — they come to us for help while they battle serious illnesses. Our supporters trust us with their time and treasure. Volunteers choose to share their free time, contributing to our life-saving work. Our donors and business partners choose to give us the financing that makes our work possible, because they know that food is love and food is medicine — that our work of making and delivering medically tailored meals matters deeply.

Whatever your role is at Project Angel Food, we know that you are here because you believe in this agency and our mission. Your trust is sacred to us, and we strive every day to be excellent stewards of that trust.  

Our Goal Is Excellence

By every measure, we have been growing in recent years. We serve more clients and make more meals. We are raising funds in a capital campaign called Rise to the Challenge, and we will be constructing a new building and increasing our capacity to serve more people in need.

But one thing stays the same at Project Angel Food throughout all our growth and change: In all aspects of our work, our goal is excellence. We are committed to the highest standards of performance, and that comes directly from our trusted role in our community.

If You Have Feedback for Us

We value your feedback. Your feedback helps us to continually improve and to continue to fulfill our mission with excellence.

Of course, we always love to hear about joys, successes and compliments. We love to hear, for example, about how our work helps clients improve their health and about the fun volunteers have making meals in our kitchen and connecting with clients on deliveries.

But we also know that you may sometimes have concerns too, even complaints. We invite you to share all types of feedback with us, and we promise to listen to it, review it fairly, and respond to it.  


Reach Us At: You can call us at (323) 845-1800. You can also write to us at Project Angel Food, 922 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038. You can email us at

Clients: If you are a client, you can direct your feedback to the Client Services Manager. Please note that our client application also states: “Complaints: I can call Client Services at any time with any complaints, which will be reviewed and responded to. I may also call the Los Angeles County Health Department Grievance Line at (800) 260-8787.” (The following paragraph contains Client Services contact information.) Our full Client Grievance Policy appears here.

Volunteers, Donors, and Other Supporters: If you are a volunteer, you may direct feedback to the Volunteer Services Manager. If you are a donor or other supporter, to the Director of Philanthropy.

Additional Avenues of Review: If for any reason, you wish to not provide your feedback directly to the associated department, you can submit it to our Quality Assurance Supervisor or to our CEO.

Anonymous Feedback: You may choose to submit your feedback anonymously, but we may be better able to investigate and respond to it if you choose to provide contact information.

Complaints: If your feedback expresses a complaint about our service, we will investigate it and take appropriate action.

Appeals: If you have concerns about an investigation or response to a complaint, you may appeal it to a member of senior leadership. In certain circumstances, the head of Human Resources may refer a complaint to the President of the Board of Directors.

Fairness: We commit to processing all feedback, including any complaints, fairly, promptly and thoroughly. We will also do our best to maintain confidentiality of feedback. We will not take adverse actions against anyone for communicating feedback to us.

Thank you for your support of Project Angel Food!