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Proct Angel food

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If you, a loved one, or someone you know has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and are unable to independently access healthy food, our home-delivered meal program may be the help you need. Enrollment forms can be found below. If you have any questions or require assistance filling out the forms, please do not hesitate to call Client Services at 800-761-8889 or 323-845-1810.


If you are applying for service for the first time, or have been off service for more than 60 days, fill out the application in its entirely. The medical information form should be filled out by your health care provider. The application is available here in English or Spanish. If you need another language, please let us know, and we will help you. (If you have been off service for less than 60 days, call Client Services to see if your services can merely be restarted.)

Enrollment Forms: Download here in English / Spanish
Medical Recertification Form: Download here in English

We will review your application for eligibility and contact you to apprise you of the result. Please allow up to one month for review of complete applications due to heavy demand for our services.

We will call eligible applicants for an “intake interview,” explaining our procedures and setting you up with a diet plan and a delivery schedule. We do our best to provide ineligible applicants with information on other food resources to assist them.


If you are a current client and have been asked to recertify, please have your health care provider complete the Medical Recertification form, available here.

We maintain privacy and confidentiality of all protected health information of clients and applicants, under HIPAA and other applicable law.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is a client’s delivery day?

PAF delivers seven days a week. Our drivers pick up the deliveries at our kitchen in Hollywood and drive to their routes. Delivery routes are determined geographically, since PAF delivers throughout Los Angeles County each week. For example, we currently deliver to the high desert on Thursday and Saturday.

A client is assigned a route on a specific day based on geographic location and on route availability. We take into consideration client preference and schedules where possible. Clients will typically have the same delivery day from week to week.

2. Can a delivery day be adjusted?

The delivery day may be changed at a client’s request, if another route is available, or at PAF’s request in order to maximize service to all our clients. If we need to change a client’s delivery date, we will provide the client with notice and consider any related requests from the client.

3. How many deliveries do drivers make?

Delivery drivers have a meaningful job – and a job that is demanding, requiring stamina and concentration. For that reason, PAF does its best to cap a route at 45 stops on a regular basis. The exact number of stops may vary from week to week. But if a route becomes consistently larger, PAF may create another route in that area, out of consideration of both drivers and our clients.

4. When is a client’s delivery window?

Our drivers depart from our kitchen in Hollywood and begin their routes at about 7:30 a.m., making their first deliveries at about 8 a.m. Last deliveries are usually completed by 3 p.m. A client’s delivery window is between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on their assigned day of delivery. Delivery times should be generally consistent from week to week but may vary over time. PAF uses professional routing software that creates efficient routes each day to maximize our overall service.

5. Can we adjust a client’s delivery window?

Typically, we cannot guarantee delivery at a certain time. However, if a client has a one-time need for special consideration due to a medical or similar appointment, we will attempt to accommodate the request.

6. Can a client get a delivery every other week?


7. Can a client just receive breakfasts or other “supplements”?

No. PAF’s mission is to provide “medically tailored meals” that are professionally designed for specific medical conditions and that improve a client’s health and well-being. Our breakfast bags and fruit bags supplement our frozen entrees.

8. What if a client wants a reminder of the delivery?

Our drivers do their best to provide clients with a courtesy phone call 10 to 20 minutes ahead of a client’s delivery. PAF is exploring ways to send clients text reminders of deliveries but is not able to do so currently.

9. What if we can’t reach the client at the time of delivery?

Drivers and/or Client Services will attempt to reach the client at the time of delivery. If we are unable to reach the client after a good faith attempt to the phone number on record and after a brief wait, the delivery attempt will be considered a “non-delivery,” and the driver will proceed to the next client.

10. Can we leave food if the client isn’t home?

No. As a rule, PAF hand-delivers meals. For health and safety reasons, PAF cannot leave food that is not properly stored. Our vans are refrigerated to transport the meals safely, but our meals are not packed in refrigerated containers and so must be refrigerated or frozen upon delivery. Moreover, PAF prides itself on personal deliveries. Clients report that loving interaction with caring, compassionate drivers is one of the most important parts of our service.

A client may leave a cooler for our driver to place the meals in, but the client assumes the risk of doing so, and PAF does not take responsibility for the meals after leaving them in the cooler outside a residence.

11. What if the driver can’t get to the client’s apartment?

Our drivers must be able to hand deliver meals to a client or the client’s representative. During intake, we ask clients for help in providing clear delivery instructions for the drivers. If a client’s apartment is not accessible from the street, we will need to be able to access the apartment for deliveries, or alternate arrangements will need to be made.

12. Can a client leave a key with Project Angel Food?

No. In the past, when Project Angel Food was smaller, our drivers had keys to a few long-time clients’ apartments. We no longer offer this practice to incoming clients.

13. Can we deliver to an alternate?

Yes. A client can arrange with us to deliver to an alternate person near their location, such as a building manager or neighbor. A client wishing to arrange for an alternate delivery should contact us at least two days before their delivery. A client wishing to schedule an alternate delivery outside of their immediate local geographic area should make arrangements at least a week beforehand.

14. Can a client pick up food at Project Angel Food?

Yes, a client who misses a regular delivery can always make arrangements to pick up food at our location at 922 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038. A client should contact us to schedule their pickup at least one day beforehand. Please plan to arrive between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., weekdays. Clients can also arrange to pick up meals regularly at PAF, rather than have home-delivery.

15. What if a client is going to miss a delivery?

A client who knows that they will not be available for delivery should contact Client Services to let us know at least one full day ahead of time, in order for PAF to cancel the delivery.

16. What if a client is going to be gone for longer than one delivery?

We can place medical holds for up to 60 days. We can place other holds for up to 30 days. Longer absences will result in termination of service. Former clients may reapply for service.

17. What if a client has a dog?

During the intake interview, PAF asks client to let us know if a dog is on premises, so that we can apprise drivers. We appreciate and love our clients’ animal companions. However, we ask that any aggressive animals be restrained at the time of delivery. Any incidents involving an animal attack may result in immediate termination of service.

18. Does Project Angel Food help clients store deliveries?

PAF drivers and volunteers drop meals off to a client at the client’s door. We cannot typically accommodate requests to enter a client’s apartment, out of consideration for the health of both clients and drivers. At their discretion, drivers or volunteers may, but are not required to, enter an apartment to help a client put away the delivery.

19. What if a client’s apartment is unsanitary?

In all cases, PAF does not purport to manage a client’s living conditions. However, PAF does ask that conditions of the home, for home delivery, meet general standards of hygiene. Extreme examples of poor, unsafe conditions may result in suspension of service if the situation is not remedied.

20. What if a client’s phone number is not working?

We require a client to have a working telephone number to be on service, so that we can reach the client about deliveries and other service issues. A client should update their phone number with us immediately if it changes.

If a client has a non-working number, we may, but are not always able to, contact a client’s emergency contact number, case manager, or other representative to locate a working number. A non-working number is reason for placing an immediate hold on service. A client’s failure to contact us and provide a working phone number for 30 days after a hold is placed will result in termination of service.

21. What if a client misses a delivery without explanation or notice?

If a client misses a delivery without making arrangements ahead of time, it will be considered a “non-delivery.”  PAF will follow up with the client after a non-delivery to confirm their well-being and to remind the client of the delivery window and policies.

Termination of service will occur if a client has (1) two consecutive non-deliveries or (2) six non-deliveries in six months. PAF will waive this rule in extraordinary circumstances, such as hospitalization. Former clients may reapply for service.

22. What if a client misses a delivery due to the fault of Project Angel Food?

If PAF misses a delivery due to circumstances caused by PAF, we will coordinate a make-up delivery to that client as soon as possible during or after the scheduled delivery day.

23. What if there are problems with a client’s delivery, such as being short a meal? Or having the plastic sealing come loose on a meal?

Our goal is to make each delivery flawlessly. On occasion, however, errors occur that affect a small number of meals. For example, in the past, plastic sealing on a meal might come undone during the delivery process. (PAF uses different sealing now.)

PAF appreciates information about such incidents to help prevent them in the future. Due to delivery limitations, PAF may not be able to offer replacement deliveries for errors affecting a small number of meals or occurring naturally in the process of delivery.

24. Does Project Angel Food perform “wellness checks” during deliveries to clients?

Because PAF cares about the health and overall well-being of our clients, we make informal wellness checks as part of our personal deliveries. Our direct client contact can sometimes bring to our attention “flags” about a client’s situation. For example, on occasion, delivery personnel may notice a marked deterioration in a client’s condition or other circumstances that cause them grave concern. We instruct our delivery personnel to report such concerns to our Client Services staff, so that we can follow up, as necessary, with the client or the client’s support team, helping with referrals or other resources.

Note that PAF enrolls clients regardless of citizenship status and never contacts immigration authorities for any reason.

25. What if a client has a concern about our service?

PAF welcomes and encourages client feedback. It helps us continually improve, innovate, and increase client satisfaction. For that reason, we conduct an annual survey of our current clients each summer, and we invite clients leaving service to complete a brief telephonic exit survey. Apart from those surveys, we welcome feedback at any time.

We pride ourselves on meals that improve a client’s health – and that clients enjoy. However, if a client has a concern about their health and safety in connection with our meals, they should contact us immediately and explain the situation in detail. Our Quality Assurance Specialist will investigate and follow up any such concerns. Of course, in an emergency, always call 911.

26. What if a client loves the meals?!

Of course, we love hearing positive feedback! Please let us know if you’re enjoying our meals and our service, if your health is improving, if you like your birthday gifts and other special services, if you’re moved by the dedication and compassion of our staff and volunteers.

Hearing success stories helps us grow our support and helps us help even more people! And it is our honor to serve you; so, we love hearing that our work makes a difference.

Our Commitment to Our Clients’ Privacy

Project Angel Food values the privacy or our clients — and of anyone who comes to us for help, as an applicant or otherwise. Because of our respect for the privacy of those we serve, we provide this Notice of Privacy Practices.

We comply with HIPAA and all federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding protected health information, including through measures to promote security of data and to train staff and volunteers in handling private information. We seek clients’ consent to providing us with their protected health information. Clients may limit or revoke their consent.

We only use private information in the course of our work — to determine eligibility, to assign the proper meals and services, to conduct nutrition counseling — and for any other work related to any contractual payment, treatment, or operations. We only use the information necessary for our work.

Clients may contact Client Services with any questions or concerns by phone at (323) 845-1810 or by email at