Josh Flagg & Bobby Boyd Host Dinner for Project Angel Food At Their Beverly Hills Home With Melissa Rivers co-emceeing & Taylor Dayne Performing


Beverly Hills, CA September 24, 2021 – Josh Flagg and husband Bobby Boyd, stars of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles hosted 120 people for a chic backyard, sit-down dinner at their Beverly Hills home on Friday, September 24, 2021,to benefit Project Angel Food.


Josh and husband Bobby Boyd welcomed guests, then Josh and his longtime friend Melissa Rivers co-emceed the event, with Taylor Dayne performing some of her greatest hits, including “Tell It to My Heart” and “Love Will Lead You Back.”


Richard Ayoub, Executive Director of Project Angel Food said, “It is good to be back together in person with people who love Project Angel Food and who we are meeting for the first time.”


Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles co-stars Josh and Heather Altman, and David and Adrian Parnes attended, along with interior designer and SiriusXM host Jeff Lewis, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Adrienne Maloof ,author Carol Higgins Clark, socialite and entrepreneur Nikki Haskell, and actor Gregory Zarian. Project Angel Food board of directors’ members Takashi Cheng, Steven Entezari, and Rodney Gould were also in attendance.


The event was sponsored by Retrouvé and Geary’s Beverly Hills, Retrouvé founder Jami Heidegger was in attendance. Chef Wayne Elias of Crumble Catering provided sumptuous meal choices of stuffed chicken breast, braised short ribs, or soy citrus tofu. Chocolate raspberry ganache cake with gold leaf and Meyer lemon curd tart with meringue and fresh berries were served for dessert.


Josh had originally offered dinner at his house as an auction item at a Project Angel Food fundraiser in March of 2019. The $1000 a plate dinner was delayed due to a home remodel, then postponed due to COVID. Josh joked, “Two and a half years later, dinner is finally served.”


Melissa remembered volunteering at Project Angel Food’s sister organization God’s Love We Deliver in New York City with her mother, Joan Rivers, and vowed that she will now make delivering meals for Project Angel Food her new Thanksgiving tradition.


The most tender moment of the evening is when Melissa presented Josh with a pair of crystal salt and pepper shakers that belonged to her late mother Joan, who the world lost seven years ago this month. Dayne’s set turned the elegant dinner into a poolside dance party and ended in a standing ovation. The audience burst into applause when she told Josh and Melissa that she’s been in the studio working on a new album with producer Gregg Fields. Dayne has sold over 75million, racking up seven top-ten singles on the Billboard charts, including the #1 Hot 100 spot with “Love with Lead You Back.”


Project Angel Food prepares and delivers over one million Medically Tailored Meals each year to people in Los Angeles who are living with critical illness, ranging from Congestive Heart Failure to diabetes, cancer and COVID.  The agency was founded in 1989 in response to the AIDS crisis, and today feeds more than 2,400 people each day.


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