Charity Navigator, the leading nonprofit evaluator in the U.S., has nominated Project Angel Food for its 2024 Community Choice Award in the large organization category. This nomination recognizes the organization's commitment to impactful and transparent charity work, notably through its provision of medically tailored meals.

Project Angel Food has achieved remarkable success, securing a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and a perfect score in all evaluation categories: impact and measurement, accountability and finance, leadership and adaptability, and culture and community. These accomplishments place Project Angel Food in the top one percent of nonprofits evaluated, underscoring its dedication to excellence in service and organizational integrity.

Voting Process and Award Details

The Community Choice Awards feature categories based on organizational size — small, medium, large and super. The winners, determined by public votes, will be announced on Aug. 17, 2024. Voting begins on July 8 and ends on July 17, with the top three finalists in each category announced on July 22. A final round of voting will take place over the following ten days.

Award winners will receive prominent visibility on Charity Navigator’s platform for one year, announcements via email to Charity Navigator's donor base, dedicated social media posts, and a press release.

A Word from the CEO

Richard Ayoub, CEO of Project Angel Food, expressed his gratitude: "This nomination is a testament to the dedication of our community — donors, volunteers, staff, and partners. We are particularly proud of our medically tailored meals program, which dramatically improves the health and well-being of our clients. We are honored to be recognized by Charity Navigator and remain committed to our mission and the people we serve."

About Project Angel Food

Founded in 1989, Project Angel Food has delivered more than 18 million medically tailored meals to individuals facing food, financial and health insecurities. Last year, the organization served a record 4,134 unique clients, reflecting an 11% increase from the previous year. Our community of 3,446 volunteers contributed more than 40,812 hours in 2023. The meals, designed by chefs and registered dietitians, are crafted to meet the specific nutritional needs of each client’s medical diagnosis, often prescribed by health care providers.

To support Project Angel Food in the Community Choice Awards, please cast your vote at

About Charity Navigator

Established in 2002, Charity Navigator is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers a comprehensive charity evaluation tool, helping donors identify impactful charities in the U.S. and assisting nonprofits in understanding donor preferences and increasing support. For more information, visit



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