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Project Angel food



Meals are delivered to each client one day per week, Sunday through Friday. The delivery window for each client is a span of four hours. Clients are notified of their delivery date and time window, which will remain the same unless otherwise notified. In the event of a holiday, some clients will be on a holiday schedule and these clients will receive a notice of the change.

This life-saving service is free of charge to our clients.

Individuals and Groups

Volunteers are the heart of Project Angel Food. Though the pandemic caused us to suspend our kitchen assistance, volunteers continued to deliver meals to our clients, helping to relieve the load on our staff. Opportunities to be of service have never gone away, and Project Angel Food is beginning to welcome volunteers back into the kitchen, our offices and to our events, with the safety of everyone in mind.


Customized Volunteer Experience

Project Angel Food began offering customized volunteer experiences in 2015 and have partnered with over 50 corporations and organizations to create meaningful, dynamic events for all involved.