Thank you to all the walkers and supporters of Team Project Angel Food for APLA’s first ever digital AIDS Walk Los Angeles.  Because of the Project Angel Food community’s generosity, our fifteen-member team surpassed our $10,000 goal and raised a whopping $16,341.47.

Team Project Angel Food was the 8th highest fundraising team of all LA AIDS Walk 2020 teams. Collecting 149 individual donations, top earners from Team Project Angel Food were Robin Bram (who collected an amazing $5,244.44), Richard Ayoub, Lauren Tom, Brad Bessey, and Barbara McDowell. Twelve-year-old Gabriel Bessey-Sanchez was the youngest team member.

Due to COVID-19, AIDS Walk 2020 was completely digital. But, that didn’t stop Team Project Angel Food from moving. The team met every Wednesday for six weeks leading up the official September 13th digital event for socially distanced, masked walks around Project Angel Food’s Hollywood kitchen. Team captain Vesna Fartek says, “the pandemic may have changed the way the AIDS Walk looked this year, but it didn’t change the sense of community we experienced on Team Project Angel Food.”



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