It was a sweltering 89 degrees in LA as I was delivering meals for Project Angel Food with Congressman Adam Schiff yesterday.

It made me wonder what it would be like if I were sick and didn’t have an air conditioner. That’s what many of our clients are dealing with this summer.

When we met Alicia in Hollywood, she had her fan running around the clock and she said her apartment was still so hot it felt like “a microwave.” She told us that she spends all her money just to pay her rent and she’s behind on her electric bill. She now owes nearly $500. Although she’s sick and should stay home, she went to the DWP office only to find it closed. Then she called them on the phone and waited for three hours and still didn’t get to talk to anyone. Congressman Schiff promised his office would help her.

This is the daily struggle for the majority of our 2,100 clients. They are mustering all the strength they have to fight their illness and ward off COVID-19, and now they have the challenge of keeping up with their bills during this difficult time.

That’s why it’s critical that we keep sending them their medically-tailored meals, on time and uninterrupted.

Thank you for helping relieve the food and financial stress for Alicia and thousands of others just like her

Richard Ayoub
Executive Director

P.S. COVID-19 continues to seriously endanger the lives of our clients. If you wish to support our life-saving meal delivery program to help clients like Alicia, click here.



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