Project Angel Food Trustee Sheryl Lee Ralph brightened a cloudy November 6th day on Saturday as she dedicated the brand-new refrigerated Project Angel Food van that she is sponsoring with her The D.I.V.A. Foundation.

Project Angel Food’s Director of Philanthropy, Mark McBride, Director of Communications, Brad Bessey, and Executive Chef John Gordon were on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony with Ms. Ralph’s husband, Senator Vincent Hughes, son Etienne Maurice, and Project Angel Food staff and volunteers in attendance.

The van includes a stunning portrait of Ms. Ralph and the words: “This van is sponsored by Sheryl Lee Ralph because food is medicine and love always goes the distance.”  

Bessey said in his remarks, “It is Sheryl Lee Ralph who always goes the distance for those living with HIV/AIDS, the LGBTQ+ community, and Project Angel Food.” He continued, “Sheryl was one of the first celebrities to stand up to the hatred and bigotry toward people living, and at that time dying, from HIV/AIDS in the eighties. She was a brilliant light in a very dark time and remains a bright light for all of us today.”

After a few words, a few tears, the ribbon cutting, and a presentation of roses by Executive Chef Gordon, McBride showed Ms. Ralph the van which is the newest vehicle in Project Angel Food fleet. Drivers use these vans to deliver over 95,000 Medically Tailored Meals each month to critically ill men, women and children living in all 4,700 square miles Los Angeles County. Project Angel Food feeds over 2,400 people each day.

Ms. Ralph’s commitment to helping those with HIV/AIDS led her to create the annual concert fundraising event DIVAS Simply Singing and her The D.I.V.A. Foundation in 1991. Through the years, Sheryl and her foundation continue to support Project Angel Food’s vital work. Ms. Ralph is one of the stars of ABC’s Abbott Elementary which premieres on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. When she arrived to dedicate her van, she also brought toys for Project Angel Food’s Annual Gift Drive donated by her and her Abbott Elementary cast and crew.



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