National Random Acts of Kindness Day is right around the corner on Wednesday, February 17, 2019. It’s a nice reminder to us all to be kind to one another, to think of others, and to give back. But, when I think of what we are doing at Project Angel Food and our community of supporters like you; there is nothing random about our kindness—it is an intentional mindset that guides our every action.

Maybe we can start a campaign to change it to Intentional Acts of Kindness Day. Or, better yet, maybe you can help us as we intentionally….

  • Clear current waiting list of 183 people so that by March 1st we are feeding 2,500 critically ill people per day (up by 1,000 from our pre-pandemic numbers).
  • Add two more delivery vans and drivers to keep up with the demand for meals.
  • Continue to provide PPE, toilet paper, shelf-stable meals for all new clients, and replenish the COVID essentials for existing clients as needed.
  • Keep our kitchen running seven days a week, with 18 full-time chefs and kitchen gig workers to keep producing high-quality, delicious, medically tailored meals for more clients each day until we can bring back our dedicated volunteer workforce.

For only $5.00 (the cost of a latte at Starbucks) you can provide a meal for a Project Angel Food client and know there is a lot intention and care that goes into its preparation and delivery.

  • Our exuberant and empathetic client services team has intentionally taken time to get to know the people we serve and has created a customized experience around their likes, dislikes and lives.
  • Our nutritionists have intentionally selected a meal plan that supports each clients’ wellness in the face of their specific illness and needs—39 meal variations leave the kitchen each day.
  • Our chefs follow the nutritional guidance of our nutritionists while ensuring that our meals are colorful, flavorful, and filling.
  • Our dispatch team packs the meals with purpose and precision, and customizes a birthday bag for each client on their special day.
  • Our drivers deliver the meals to each client’s door with the intention of kindness and look forward to when they can once again share a hug and a kind word.

Your donation of $5, $10, $20 or more will allow us to magnify our intentional act of kindness so that is illuminates the spirits of those we serve, transforming most vulnerable among us, into the most cared for among us. There is nothing random about it.

With Gratitude,



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