Ralph’s and Food 4 Less, in partnership with 94.7 The WAVE, are showing their commitment to fill the fridge and end food insecurity in a big way. Every donation you make to Project Angel Food, they will match dollar for dollar all month long!


That’s huge.  


Let’s repeat that:  Every dollar you give to Project Angel Food through the amazing Fill the Fridge initiative will be matched by Ralph’s &Food 4 Less, up to $10,000.00. It’s easy, just text FRIDGEGIVING to 76278 or CLICKHERE to donate today. Donations will automatically be matched by Ralphs & Food 4 Less!


This is especially important this holiday season. In November, Project Angel Food will prepare over 95,000 Medically Tailored Meals to be delivered throughout Los Angeles County to critically ill men, women, and children. We served 2,400 people every day with delicious meals that are specifically designed by our Nutrition Services team to improve their health.


So, let’s Fill the Fridge together with your generosity, 94.7 The WAVE, and our friends at Ralph’s and Food 4 Less who are on a mission to end food insecurity by 2025. Let’s start with your donation to Project Angel Food today. CLICK HERE.



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