July 26, 2021 – There is a driver shortage at Project Angel Food and the organization’s Executive Director, Richard Ayoub, is making an urgent plea to the public – “We need your help delivering meals to L.A.’s critically ill men, women, and children.” In addition, Ayoub is working to fill eight full-time driver positions.

Project Angel Food now serves a record-breaking 2,300 people per day, up from 1,500 pre-pandemic., with additional growth expected in the months to come. The clients received Medically Tailored Meals which are prepared in Project Angel Food’s Hollywood kitchen; then distributed by drivers on 48 different routes covering the 4,700 square miles of Los Angeles County – from Hollywood to Long Beach to Lancaster and everywhere in between. 

Ayoub puts into context how important delivering meals is, "Seventy-seven percent of the people we serve tell us Project Angel Food is their only food source. Could you imagine if we stopped delivering? How would they eat?"

Project Angel Food has always heavily relied on volunteers to help. Pre-pandemic, 80 percent of the kitchen staff were volunteers. Richard says, "The pandemic forced us to put a pause on volunteers. We have now opened the kitchen to volunteers again, and, most importantly, we need volunteer drivers.”

Volunteer Drivers: Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to deliver a week’s worth of Medically Tailored Meals to approximately ten clients. It takes about two hours to make the deliveries. Volunteers are required to be vaccinated and wear masks for the ‘contactless” deliveries, which not only supply clients with a week’s worth of meals but with a friendly hello and human connection. Volunteers pick up meals at the Project Angel Food kitchen located at 922 N. Vine Street between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. Volunteers are given “route sheets” with addresses and client names, along with any instructions they might need. Often, people will pair up for deliveries. Volunteers can sign-up today, Volunteer Registration or call (323) 845-1800 and ask for Volunteer Services.

Full-Time Driver Positions Available: Project Angel Food currently has eight (8) full-time driver positions available and is working to fill them as quickly as possible with drivers who have clean driving records and who want to make a difference for Angelenos. The position pays $18.00 per hour, includes full healthcare and an employer-matched retirement plan, Driver Job Listing. Part-time positions and food packer positions in Project Angel Food’s dispatch area are also available.



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