Los Angeles Councilmember Nithya Raman, who represents the 4th Council District of Los Angeles dropped by Project Angel Food on Monday, June 7th to tour the kitchen and deliver meals to several of her constituents who are clients of Project Angel Food’s meal delivery program. L.A.’s 4th Council District stretches from Sherman Oaks to Silver Lake and North Hollywood to Mid-Wilshire.

The local leader, who puts compassion at the heart of all she does, “stirred the pot” in our Hollywood kitchen with Project Angel Food staff and volunteers while getting a tour from our Executive Director Richard Ayoub. She remarked, “It is so wonderful to see how much love everyone puts into every meal they make.”  

Then, Councilmember Raman, Tabatha Yelos her Field Manager, Ayoub, and Project Angel Food’s Associate Director of Client Services and Programs, Ben Martin, hit the road as she delivered medically tailored meals to several clients. “We are really grateful to be experiencing giving the joy of giving someone the meals for the week and to be being part of this community,” she said. Councilmember Raman lives in Silver Lake with her husband and her five-year-old twins.



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