The appointment comes on the heels of Bessey producing the organization’s ‘Lead with Love’ telethon on KTLA on June 27.

Brad Bessey has joined Project Angel Food in a newly-created position as head of communications and talent relations.

The appointment, which will see Bessey oversee communications, print, digital, social media and video production across all platforms as well as managing key relationships and engaging celebrity involvement in Project Angel Food events and initiatives, comes after Bessey, a two-time Daytime Emmy Award-winner, executive produced the organization’s Lead with Love telethon on KTLA on June 27. Hosted by Eric McCormack, the live event featured Kelly Clarkson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elton John, Sharon Stone, Josh Groban, Annie Lennox, Matt Bomer, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and others.

It also continues a homecoming for Bessey, who was an original volunteer when Project Angel Food launched in 1989. He joined Project Angel Food as a consultant in January 2019 and was instrumental in producing several celebrity-driven events and initiatives throughout 2019-2020 including the 2019 Angel Awards honoring Curtis, Angel Art with the UTA Foundation, and the Circle of Angels Garden Party with Deborah Cox. He was also key in working with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle delivering meals for Project Angel Food on Easter.

Prior to joining Project Angel Food, Bessey served as executive producer of Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, and launched The Talk for CBS Daytime in 2010. Bessey has also taught communications at California State University, Northridge, in the past year and is continuing his academic endeavors in CSUN’s Communication Studies Master’s Program.

Richard Ayoub, executive director of Project Angel Food said, “As we continue to innovate ways to get our message and our mission out to the community, it was vital for us to find someone who has a depth of experience across several skill sets. The ‘x-factor’ with Brad is his passion. We are thrilled Brad will lead our talent and communications efforts.”

Added Bessey of his new gig: “I have seen firsthand Project Angel Food’s commitment to service to others with dignity and grace. To shine a light on this amazing work allows me to align my talents with my purpose. It doesn’t get any better than this.”


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