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Dear Supporters,

Project Angel Food is committed to doing everything humanly possible to keep our clients, volunteers and employees safe during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s what we’re doing:

For Our Clients:

  • We are making sure they have seven days’ worth of extra meals; because many have compromised immune systems, it is essential that they have nutritious meals every day.
  • We are now preparing and delivering the extra meals and securing shelf-stable foods (oatmeal, granola, canned tuna fish, etc) in the event that an emergency keeps us from delivering meals to some clients.
  • We also are distributing educational materials in English and Spanish to all of our 1,600 clients; giving them tips on how to stay safe and healthy during this outbreak.

For Our Volunteers:

  • We will continue to enforce our very strict health code standards which include wearing gloves and hairnets in the kitchen and washing hands for 20 seconds or more.
  • We have installed hand sanitizers at several key locations in our Vine Street building.
  • Our cleaning crew is increasing the frequency of daily disinfecting of doorknobs, countertops, faucet handles, phones, and all common-use areas.

For Our Staff:

  • We have armed all of our drivers with antibacterial hand wipes and distributed the Centers for Disease Control’s Best Practices to ensure that we are minimizing risk for our clients.
  • Our IT department is arranging for laptops and secure data connections so operations and support will go on uninterrupted should a team member need to remain at home.
  • If employees are sick, they have been instructed to stay home and get well.

Thank you for always keeping our clients in your thoughts. We will get through this together. Can you help with the extra meal fund for our clients?


All my best,

Richard Ayoub
Executive Director