Project Angel Food’s Month Of Giving Wraps Up with the Delivery of the 11 Millionth Meal

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Project Angel Food’s Month Of Giving Wraps Up with the Delivery of the 11 Millionth Meal

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On Tuesday, November 28, which coincides with Giving Tuesday, Project Angel Food will also celebrate the packaging and delivery of its 11 millionth meal. Project Angel Food founder Marianne Williamson will be on hand for this momentous occasion.

According to tabulations, the 11 millionth meal should roll off the conveyor belt at 3.10 pm that afternoon. The meal will be delivered to our client Gregg Shore, who is living with cancer.

The special menu is being created by our Kitchen Manager, Derbeh Vance, who is celebrating 25 years with Project Angel Food. The 11 millionth meal celebration wraps up the Project Angel Food Month of Giving, which also includes the participation of compassionate companies which have partnered in this charitable endeavor.

Soupure is a line of whole food based soups broths and smoothies based on the belief that food is medicine and designed to get the most from natural foods and to eat clean. Soupure is donating bottles of soup to our clients, based on sales.  Olie Biologique is an organic skin oil and the company is introducing a new product, rose glow oil. For every sale of this item, Olie Biologique will pay for one meal for a Project Angel Food client. Kreation Organic Juiceries provide healthy and delicious drinks designed to invigorate the body, mind and spirit. Kreation Organic is naming a drink of the day and for every one sold they will pay for a meal for a Project Angel Food client.

If you would like to sponsor a holiday meal for Project Angel Food’s Thanksgiving Text2Give campaign, you can do so through midnight on Giving Tuesday, November 28. To support Project Angel Food, text “Angel 17” to 243725.

Since 1989, Project Angel Food has prepared and delivered nearly 11 million meals – currently 11,000 per week – free of charge to men, women and children living with critical illnesses. Project Angel Food expanded its initial mission from serving people living with HIV/AIDS to include medically tailored meals, prepared by the staff and volunteers, for those combatting cancer, kidney failure, diabetes and congestive heart disease. The mission has always remained intact, to feed and nourish the sick, by delivering healthy, nutritious meals throughout 4,400 square miles of LA County. More than 98% of Project Angel Food clients are living below the poverty level, and Project Angel Food is their lifeline, filling a vital need in all communities. The client demographics are testimony to this, 37% Latino, 29% African-American, 22% Caucasian, 6% Asian/Pacific Islander, 1% Native American and 5% Multicultural.

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