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On May 5, 2020, Project Angel Food’s team members were the first subjects to be photographed by Maarten de Boer for his Frontline_LA Project.

Maarten is photographing the many masked faces of the individuals who are working steadily through the pandemic to provide essential services to the most vulnerable members of our Los Angeles community. We were delighted he thought of us first.

Maarten arrived early in the morning to capture the hardworking chefs and dispatch crew members who load our vans with thousands of nutritious meals for our clients. He then went on to photograph those members of our staff who are unable to work from home, including Kitchen Manager John Gordon, Kitchen Assistant Xavier Nailing, Dispatch Manager Scott Huml, Driver Marco Montes, and many more. The complete series of Project Angel Food staff portraits will be posted to our website on Friday, May 22nd.

Vesna Fartek, Senior Manager of Community Engagement, worked closely with Maarten to ensure the photoshoot adhered to our stringent social distancing protocols and commented, “Watching Maarten work opened my eyes so much about our staff and how they are getting through this pandemic. Seeing them through his lens brought to light the strength, courage, and hope that they have inside. I feel like I’ve actually gotten to know them in a deeper way, focusing only on their eyes and what they communicate. Such a positive and engaging experience for us all.”

Maarten explains that he began the Frontline_LA Project, “In an effort to highlight those who are out there doing what they can to help those most affected by this pandemic within the LA area. As restrictions are slowly being lifted, I’m trying to put a spotlight on those who have been out there doing what they can so that others are safe. We still have a long and uncharted road ahead of us, please let these images be a reminder that we should stay vigilant and protect those who we love and those around us in our communities. Working with my subjects, on locations, I’ve devised a way to set up, interact and execute my portraiture while observing all safety guidelines of safe distancing, working alone, minimizing gear and footprint… these are the results of those efforts.”

Organizations offering essential services are welcome to contact Maarten about participating in the Frontline_LA Project at

 You may also follow the progress of the Frontline_LA Project on Instagram @iheartmaarten or by typing #frontlineLAproject into the search bar.