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Dear Friend,

People have often asked me what it was like during the height of the AIDS crisis. And now I have a new answer.

It was kind of like now.

I have thought about Project Angel Food a lot over the last few days, as it emerged in response to the same desperation that fills so many people’s lives today. People needed help and we were there to help them.

Clearly a lot of people need help today. The clients of Project Angel Food are by definition a high-risk category for the coronavirus, and it’s more important than ever that we be there for them. Project Angel Food has proven, over many years and eras of leadership, that the organization is more than capable of making sure people who need free food delivery in their time of need are provided for. We have been there since 1989, we have served over twelve million meals, and we will be there for as long as it takes.

Today we need your help. As you look around and wonder how you might best serve during this time of national crisis, I hope you will think of Project Angel Food.

First, we need volunteers. Obviously, we’re taking extra precautions in the kitchen now, including temperature checks and masks. But if you’re healthy and under the age of 65, we need you! (Otherwise, the governor wants you to stay home.) You can email us at volunteers@angelfood.org.

Secondly, we need your financial contribution. We are sending our clients 3 weeks of shelf stable meals ($93.75 will feed one person for 3 weeks). Please go to www.angelfood.org/covid19 and donate whatever you can at this moment of despair among so many.

I knew during the AIDS crisis that with enough love, we would make it through. And we will make it through the coronavirus too.

But it took a lot of love then, and it will take a lot of love now. I hope you’ll share your love with us.

Sincere thanks and best wishes,
Marianne Williamson