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I want to share a Christmas Miracle with you that I’m sure will warm your heart.

At about this time last week, I was in a meeting when the phone rang. It was Don Macaulay, our Sr. Director of Operations and Administration, and it was urgent. Our hot water boiler – needed for everything from cooking pasta, to steaming vegetables, to keeping the kitchen clean – was BROKEN and was NON-REPAIRABLE.

Look, we know our equipment is getting older and has to be replaced which is why we launched our Project Angel Food’s Campaign for the Future to address those needs.  But, the boiler must not have read our strategic plan! It was done. It was not working. It was a crisis.

We had to immediately shut down the kitchen and come up with a backup plan. What are we going to do with our volunteers? How are we going to make up for losing three cooking days in the kitchen? And, how do we make sure 1,550 critically ill men, women and children who depend on us for meals get fed? When lives are at stake, “no deliveries today, sorry,” is not an option.

On top of all of that, It cost $15,000 to replace the boiler. As you probably know, Project Angel Food doesn’t have an extra $15,000 lying around waiting for a crisis to happen.


And that’s what happened. By “chance” in the middle of it all, I had a long-scheduled meeting with a volunteer who had told me weeks earlier,  “I want to buy you a few things for the kitchen; some racks, some pans. Let’s sit down and come up with a Project Angel Food wish list.”

Keep in mind, I went into this meeting with a list from our chefs of whisks, pots, pans, cooling racks, and a blender. But, amazingly, when I told our volunteer about the kitchen emergency, the urgency and the cost, her response was nothing short of a miracle. “Well I wasn’t planning on that much money,” she said. “But, let’s do this. I’ll charge $7,500 on my credit card today and pledge $7,500 in March. Does that help?”

Did it ever! I was overjoyed with gratitude. It wasn’t just cash in hand, it was a miracle. It was a lifeline, an answer to a prayer, an angel among us seeing a need and becoming love in action.
Because of her spontaneous generosity, we were able to order the equipment and we were back in business within 72 hours.

Our dear trustee Judith Light’s manager Herb Hamsher, who recently passed away, often said, “There are no coincidences, just divine choreography.”

At Project Angel Food we see divine choreography in action every day.

Thank you for being part of our loving family and Happy Holidays.