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Executive Office

Development, Communications, and Special Events

  • Mark Tucker, Development Manager
  • Shellie Raygoza, Manager of Database and Direct Marketing

  • Linda Thomas, Development Assistant


  • Terry Madden, Receptionist/Office Assistant

Human Resources


  • Don Macaulay, Sr. Director of Operations and Administration
  • Derbeh Vance, Kitchen Manager
  • Stephen Sanford, Facilities Manager
  • John Gordon, Chef
  • Juan Macias, Chef
  • Daniel Clavel, Chef
  • Daniel Jorda, Chef
  • Francisco Cruz, Facilities Maintenance Assistant
  • Alfonso Puga, Kitchen Assistant
  • Rodolfo Ruiz, Kitchen Assistant
  • Jesus Ortiz, Kitchen Assistant 

Nutrition Services

  • Eve Valladares Hou, MS, Registered Dietitian, Manager of Nutrition Services 
  • Nathalie Medina, MS, Registered Dietitian

Program Services

Volunteer Services

  • Vesna Fartek, Volunteer Services Manager
  • Holly Fishbein,  Volunteer Services Coordinator
  • Robert Cliff, Volunteer Services Assistant

Client Services

  • Tom O'Leary, Manager of Client Services
  • Maria Barton, Client Relations Coordinator
  • Liliana Guardado, Client Intake Assistant


  • Derek Davidson, Dispatch Manager
  • Scott Huml, Dispatch Coordinator
  • Andre Jones, Dispatch Assistant/Driver
  • Charlton Barton, Driver
  • Pedro Soto, Driver
  • Roberto Ramirez, Driver
  • Alfred Taylor, Driver
  • Pablo Ruacho, Driver


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