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PLEASE NOTE: This summary was prepared as an educational service to its clients and others and is not intended as legal or tax advice. Consult your own legal or tax advisor before making any decision based on this information.

How to Make a Stock Gift

Making a Stock Gift to Project Angel Food is easy to do, and it can provide significant tax advantages for many donors. In most cases, you will receive an income tax deduction based on the full market value of the stock on the day that Project Angel Food receives it. In addition, you can avoid capital gains taxes that you would pay on the appreciated value of the stock if you were to sell it yourself and make a gift of the proceeds to Project Angel Food. Check with your tax advisor for specifics.When making a Stock Gift, the first step you should take is to call Project Angel Food’s Financial Office to notify the agency of your intent. The Financial Staff can provide additional information and will work with the stock broker to ensure that the transaction will proceed in a timely fashion.

Transferring Stock to Project Angel Food’s Broker

You will need to provide a letter of instruction to your broker or mutual fund company indicating your intent to make a charitable gift. Before sending this letter, we suggest you contact your broker or mutual fund company to determine the specific requirements they may have (for example, you may need to have your signature “guaranteed” or notarized; they may have a recommended way to deliver certificates if your stocks are not in “street name,” etc.). When transferring stock in this way, please provide Project Angel Food’s Financial Office with a copy of your letter to your broker or a separate letter that tells Project Angel Food the gift has been made; this helps us to match the gift with the donor and properly acknowledge gifts of stock in a timely manner.


Your Letter Should Include the Following Information:

Financial Institution: (Your Financial Institution)

Account Executive: (Your Account Executive)

Address: (Your Address)

Phone: (Your Phone)

FAX: (Your Fax)

Account #: (Your Account Number)

DTC: (Your DTC) 

Project Angel Food Tax ID #: 95-4115863


To Make Alternative Arrangements

Most donors find that making a direct transfer of stock through Project Angel Food's stock broker is the most convenient way to make a gift of this type. Occasionally donors prefer to make a Stock Gift in other ways. Please call Project Angel Food’s Financial Office to make the necessary arrangements. Project Angel Food's Stock Policy is the policy of Project Angel Food’s Board of Trustees to sell securities immediately upon receipt. 

For more information about tax deductions and other methods of donation:

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