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Why This Is So Important To Me

Hello Friends,

Why am I raising $3,333? Because my mother's favorite number was 33. For many years, she said she was 33. She had an accent so she always mispronounced it as"Tirty Tree."

So for me, my sister and other family members whenever we see several threes together -- we feel like it's Mom saying "Hi, don't forget me, I'm still here!"

So will you help me raise this money for Project Angel Food and the vital services we provide for people living with breast cancer (which my mother was a survivor of), HIV/AIDS, kidney failure, heart disease and diabetes?

My mother is the person who taught me the spirit of philanthropy. She literally was that person who would give you her last dollar. She saved newspapers for homeless people to make money recycling, she got jackets donated for children shivering in the cold and she taught me, "Don't call on the phone -- it's too easy to say No, visit them in person."

In honor of Mom will you send $33, $333 or any amount you feel comfortable with!

Thank you so much!