From Our Clients

"I'm truly overwhelmed by your loving efforts as you roll up your sleeves and bake my daily bread."

"You opened my door, your hearts, your kitchen and nourished me back to health."

"You deliver me more than meals, you also deliver kindness with hope."

Did You Know?

yellow pepperThis year, on any given day, over 2,000 meals are delivered to people in the greater Los Angeles area.

Volunteers: Getting Started

We make it easy to begin volunteering at Project Angel Food. Once you have attended our orientation you can participate in any of our volunteer opportunities. The time and activities are up to you. 


Project Angel Food Volunteers - Vine Street 059

Signing Up for Individuals

Take the first step by attending a required New Volunteer Orientation. Training sessions usually last 90 minutes and by the end you will know all you need to get involved in our work.

To sign up and for more information, 
please fill out the form HERE
or call our Volunteer Hotline at 323.845.1816.

Project Angel Food Volunteer Groups - Paramount

Signing Up for Groups

Gather your group of up to 10 people to volunteer one day in our kitchen, offices or Urban Gardens. 

To start the process, email or call the Volunteer Hotline at 323.845.1816.

Groups assisting in the kitchen should arrive at 8 a.m. to attend a brief orientation. When the orientation session is finished, you will be directed to the chef of the day to start your volunteer time.