From Our Clients

"I'm truly overwhelmed by your loving efforts as you roll up your sleeves and bake my daily bread."

"You opened my door, your hearts, your kitchen and nourished me back to health."

"You deliver me more than meals, you also deliver kindness with hope."

Did You Know?

yellow pepperThis year, on any given day, over 2,000 meals are delivered to people in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our Project Angel Food Bakers make these cookies to deliver a smile to you and feed our mission. Baked in our Kitchen by our chefs in the Heart of Los Angeles these cookies are the next best thing to homemade. These cookies not only taste good, but with your help, they do good. Thank you for your purchase.
Try all three varieties
The perfect cookie for dunking. Our chocolate chip cookie is packed with a sweet, delicious chocolate chips and delivers a crunch with every bite.

This delectable buttery shortbread cookie is topped with ribbons of tangy lemon icing. Paired with an afternoon tea or alone as dessert, these cookies will add a little bit of zest to your day.
These cookies are highly addictive, sugar coated cookie that gets its chewy texture and spicy flavor from adding brown sugar, molasses, and ground spices to the batter.
To purchase cookies
please call Linda Thomas at 323.845.1800 ext. 234
or email her at