From Our Clients

"I'm truly overwhelmed by your loving efforts as you roll up your sleeves and bake my daily bread."

"You opened my door, your hearts, your kitchen and nourished me back to health."

"You deliver me more than meals, you also deliver kindness with hope."

Did You Know?

yellow pepperEach meal costs $5, including fresh ingredients, cooking and delivery.

By the Numbers


Meals delivered since founding in 1989     >10 million
Meals projected to be delivered in 2017
Average meals delivered weekly     10,858
Total volunteer hours     32,775
Full-time Staff     32

Client Statistics

New clients enrolled on service in 2016     818  
Unduplicated clients served in 2016     2,078  
Female clients      44%
Male clients     55%
Transgender clients      1%
 Median Age     61

Primary Diagnosis Breakdown
Persons living with:      
HIV/AIDS     24%
cancer      27%
end stage renal disease      15%
congestive heart failure     15%
emphysema/COPD      6%
stroke/cardio vascular accident      5%
diabetes     3%
Alzheimer's     2%
other      4%

African American     29%
Asian/Pacific Islander      6%
Caucasian      21%
Latino       39%
Native American      1%
Other      4%